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Welcome to My Blog

We have all heard the saying “change is an inevitable, and even necessary, part of life.” So often we think of change as something thrust upon us, not initiated by us or collaborated with us. Even as you read this entry change is occurring around you and inside you. Clouds advance and retreat across the sky as people move in every direction on a planet revolving around a sun in an expanding universe. A key to wholeness is to know when and how to initiate change. All change is action, even if the action is acceptance or an “AH HA!” moment. This blog is dedicated to reflecting on the experience of being, and taking action steps that facilitate wholeness.

Wholeness sets in motion healing and the transient experience of joy, one of the gifts of life. We learn about ourselves and life best by processing experiences with other people. At times we are forced to leave some things or places behind, and sometimes we leave behind most everything we know, but we are never alone. Growing in faith of the heart is many things, including the process of finding out just how much company we actually have and how much we need. May you have trusted people to walk with along The Way. People who appreciate your unique journey.

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