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An Integrative, Experientially-Based Practice

My practice is intentionally small and experientially specialized, designed for individuals whose health and spirituality        are central to their lives and who need either short-term psychotherapeutic help or need longer-term intervention but are able to maintain their lives without needing crisis help.  Movement, meditation, music, art, sacred writings, and deep relaxation are in my toolbox to treat anxiety, depression, trauma, and relationship pain.  We will also look at good health practices such as how to improve your sleep, eating habits, body movement, and self-talk to provide optimal and lasting results.   

Find Your Joy
What is Integrative Psychology?


Integrative psychology, often called wholistic or holistic psychology, is the practice of applying research-based and effective psychological practices with an awareness of and deep appreciation for the impact bodily processes and social, psychological, and spiritual influences have on each other.  In my practice, the client is seen as a whole person and a collaborative relationship is at the center of your care.  If possible, I can work with your other providers.


My practice is wellness-based. We can explore what wellness would look like for you with healing practices as an active presence in your life.    We will work on how you can maximize your strengths to navigate your way through difficult times or achieve a higher level of functioning in your daily living. Becoming your best version of yourself is our goal.

Wholeness Is Finding Your Joy


In my practice I want you to find and practice what gives you joy.  When do you feel most alive? When do you experience wholeness and what does that feel like to you?  Maybe you have never felt whole.  Then we work on that.  Perhaps you have courted social acceptance all your life and as a consequence gave up critical parts of yourself that you could not afford to lose and still be You.   We need to find those qualities, re-claim them, and feed them. Could those gifts be part of God's creative nature infused in you?  Cultivating your gifts is your gift back to God and to the world.

Wholeness is healing
Wholeness is Healing®


Let me tell you more about the philosophy embedded in my registered trademark “Wholeness is Healing®."

Wellness comes from being in relationship to activities and people that give us purpose and meaning.


Wholeness has little to do with money and possessions. To be whole means you are relatively happy with yourself, have found meaningful work and relationships, and regularly care for your mind, body and soul.  In addition, you feel part of one or more vibrant communities in which you are working alongside other people to improve the lives of others.  Wholeness is a felt experience and state of mind that comes through pursuing our own unique path.  

Is This Practice Right For YouLicenses
Is This Practice Right For You?


This practice is not for everyone.  I limit the size of my practice to a small number of people at a time. Due to the nature of this “boutique” practice, I am not staffed to help anyone in a serious crisis, someone with suicidal or homicidal thoughts, or people with a history of hospitalizations or chronic mental illness.  Our meetings will be progress-focused, taking one step at a time.  In the early sessions you and I will tailor an action-oriented treatment plan based on what you want to work on. Using a coaching model, you may have small (and usually fun!) assignments each week so that you find yourself moving ever forward.   When we tap into the energy of your authentic spirit, it feels good!  We may use relaxation scripts we write together, movement therapy, art, and music to help you heal.  Every person’s care is different.  Your care will be developed for you in collaboration with you.

What Actually Happens In A Session?


We will meet for an initial 90 minute session to talk about what you need.  If I feel I am not set up to help, I will tell you and give you recommendations for what to look for in getting well.  We may meet every week for a while, or once a month.  We will determine how often is right for you and how long sessions will be.  If it is necessary, we may hold some sessions over a HIPAA compliant internet host.  To help you experience yourself in new ways and reach your goals faster, we may use journaling, gentle movement, and musical and artistic works to help you feel and express what is holding you back and help you break through to a new level of function.


I can help you with:


Anxiety, Stress, and Depression


Painful or Confusing Transitions or Painful Partings


Managing Chronic Medical Conditions 


Traumatic Memories and Loss


Relationship Confusion –How Can I Maintain Health Within This Relationship?

Getting Started


I don’t take insurance at my private practice.  I do give everyone a insurance-ready receipt describing the service provided.  If you have a clinical diagnosis your care may be reimbursable depending on your insurance coverage.  Some flexible spending plans cover coaching sessions as well.  Payment is due at the end of each session.

The  fee  is $145 per hour

How Do We Get Started?


You can email me and leave me your phone number or call me at | 301.520.2723 |   Then we will speak briefly about what you need and decide whether or not to set up an appointment.  Sending an email or having an initial discussion with you over the phone does not establish a client-therapist relationship, however.  Please also be aware that emails are not confidentially secure ways to communicate so phone calls are preferred.  The first three sessions will be focused on getting to know you and developing a Treatment Plan.  During that time, or at any time that I determine to be therapeutically in your best interests, I may refer you to others whose practice can better meet your needs

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