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I am Dr. Diane H. Browne and my psychology and coaching practice is based on the belief that Wholeness Is Healing®.

Welcome to my website. I am an integrative psychologist working for Crossover Healthcare and I also have a very small private practice in Philadelphia.  I have been a licensed mental health therapist for over 40 years, and have practiced as a Clinical Psychologist, Marriage and Family Therapist, Child and Adolescent Therapist, and Coach. My practice is strength-based, holistically oriented, and goal directed.  If you wish, we can work from your faith-base or spiritual tradition as well. I am happy to work with all spiritual traditions (or none).  I believe we are all capable of change but I am not set up to take people in frequent crisis or those who need support outside of their sessions, in either my Crossover position or in my private practice.


My focus is helping people feel at peace and to lead whole lives. In addition to my psychological training I hold a Blue Belt in NIA, a sensory-based fitness and expressive movement practice that incorporates Tai Chi, Yoga, Martial Arts, and Modern Dance,  I have considerable training in Ericksonian Hypnosis (learning deep relaxation skills) and can also work with you using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).  I am CBT T.E.A.M. Certified.  I use evidence-based practices to bring about the changes you need and provide virtual therapy over a secure HIPAA compliant platform. I am certified as a Clinical Telehealth Provider.

In the process of healing ourselves

we bring healing to our families and the communities we live and work in.

Healing is a creative process that enables us to know joy and peace at the deepest levels of our being.


As we learn to appreciate our own story and effectively communicate our needs, we become better at listening to the needs of others. 

We are better equipped to create a safe and peaceful world.


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